The Boom CRD

The Essential Tool of Every Serious Drummer



The BOOM CRD™ (Compound Resonance™ Driver) has a resonance of its own that combines with and multiplies the resonance of the drum head it is applied to.

The BOOM CRD functions like an extra drum head that you apply to a drum head. The controlled chain reaction of the BOOM CRD creates a bass drum sound that breathes. We call it Compound Resonance™. Since there is no port tube, there is no attenuation of the high frequencies.

The BOOM CRD™ on the head of a bass drum
The Boom CRD on a drum set. Sonic ReVision

Top Musicians.


We are proud to provide the BOOM CRD™ to the most active and discerning artists around the world that demand innovative, cutting-edge equipment.

Sonic ReVision, LLC is dedicated to developing the next generation of high-efficiency, sonic boom accessories for drums as well as any other instrument or device encompassing the properties of an acoustic enclosure.

We consult for and collaborate with other companies and inventors to explore simple yet innovative sonic solutions for the purpose of creating new sound-producing and sound-shaping brands as well as improving existing ones.


“What we did with the bass drum is only the beginning. Our goal is to get more sound—and more sounds—out of all types of acoustic instruments by taking a fresh look at the way their sound is produced and designing innovative ways to enhance the process. We’re finding that, whether it’s drums or other types of instruments, there’s always room for improvement.”

—Sam Millender, Founder

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Sam Millender, BOOM CRD Inventor (middle) and Billy Johnson, drummer, (left) along with others holding BOOM CRD Devices