Samuel Millender, Founder

Located in Southern California, Sonic ReVision was established to meet the demands of the worldwide musical instrument industry by producing new sound-enhancement devices.

Sam Millender is the owner/operator of Sonic ReVision. Millender is a lifelong drummer, a professional sound engineer and he holds the patent on a popular bass drum sound enhancer that is already used by thousands of drummers around the world. Millender has formed this new company to offer innovations in the way that acoustic drums and percussion instruments are made.

Sonic ReVision also consults for and collaborates with other companies and inventors to explore simple, yet unprecedented approaches to creating new sound-enhancement devices and improving existing ones.

Our primary products are a line of accessories centered around our patented BOOM CRD™ (Compound Resonance Driver) system.


“What we did with the bass drum was only the beginning. Our goal is to get more sound— and more sounds— out of all types of acoustic instruments by taking a fresh look at the way their sound is produced and designing innovative ways to enhance the process. We’re finding that, whether it’s drums or other types of instruments, there’s always room for improvement.”

—Sam Millender, Founder


The BOOM CRD™, or Compound Resonance Driver, offers a versatile system of innovative tools and attachments that simultaneously combine several forms of resonance and vibrational energy generation, transfer, and control. It gives a drum more boom. It enables the drummer, or audio engineer, etc., to customize, enhance, and/or maximize the bass sound and output produced by a drum. It can be applied to the batter or the resonant head, and allows precise control of the airflow escaping the drum and the corresponding back-pressure that the drummer feels. In addition, it may be applied to a speaker cabinet or any other sound-producing, or sound-shaping device. The results are sonically exciting!


The Boom CRD™ functions like a drumhead that you apply to a drumhead. It has a resonance of its own that combines with and multiplies the resonance of the head to which it is applied. This controlled chain reaction provides a bass drum sound that breathes. Because there is no port tube, there is no attenuation of the high frequencies.

The Boom CRD sounds ‘fat’ and ‘punchy’ like thunder and lighting!

Drummer Billy "Shoes" Johnson with the BOOM CRD on his drum

Billy “Shoes” Johnson at a live gig with the BOOM CRD on his drum.


The Boom CRD is made up of 2 parts: The Main Body and Inner Ring. Both parts are created with an injection mold using silicone rubber. Powerful magnets are then inserted into each part, attracting each other from the inside and outside to snap onto to the drum head. This makes for easy, seamless installation and removal of the device.

Parts of the BOOM as applied to the drum head


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