The BOOM CRD™, or Compound Resonance Driver, offers a versatile system of innovative tools and attachments that simultaneously combine several forms of resonance and vibrational energy generation, transfer, and control. It gives a drum more boom. It enables the drummer, or audio engineer, etc., to customize, enhance, and/or maximize the bass sound and output produced by a drum. It can be applied to the batter or the resonant head, and allows precise control of the airflow escaping the drum and the corresponding back-pressure that the drummer feels. In addition, it may be applied to a speaker cabinet or any other sound-producing, or sound-shaping device. The results are sonically exciting!


The Boom CRD™ functions like a drumhead that you apply to a drumhead. It has a resonance of its own that combines with and multiplies the resonance of the head to which it is applied. This controlled chain reaction provides a bass drum sound that breathes. Because there is no port tube, there is no attenuation of the high frequencies.

The Boom CRD on a drum set. Sonic ReVision

The BOOM CRD sounds ‘fat’ and ‘punchy’ like thunder & lighting!


The BOOM CRD Compound Resonance Driver for drums by Sonic ReVision
The BOOM CRD Compound Resonance Driver (inner ring) for drums by Sonic ReVision
Boom CRD demonstration with detail

Sound Frequency Graph Showing the BOOM CRD’s Qualities

Spectrum Graph of the performance of the BOOM CRD
Drummer Billy "Shoes" Johnson with the BOOM CRD™

Billy “Shoes” Johnson Professional drummer for Carlos Santana, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Patti LaBelle, MC Hammer, Booker T, Joyce Cooling, Noel Pointer, +

Boom C.R.D. Package

The BOOM CRD™ Retail packaging

Brian Collier with the BOOM CRD™

Brian Collier, 5x Grammy Winner, Lauryn Hill, Ledisi, Confunkshun, Dave Chapelle, Lionel Richie, Sheila E., Lalah Hathaway, + 

THE BOOM CRD™ is the ultimate Bass Drum Enhancer, adding depth and life to your kick! It’s portable and easy to useinstallation or removal takes less than 30 seconds.

Installing The BOOM CRD

Removing The BOOM CRD

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