Samuel Millender, sound engineer, Sonic ReVision

Samuel Millender, Sound Engineer and Founder, Sonic ReVision

Clients include:

  • Discovery Channel (podcast reversions)
  • Podcast Reverions (Multiple clients)
  • SOVOSO (Bobby McFerrin) Audio Engineer
  • 3rd Street Baptist Church (live sound and live streaming)
  • Pure Ecstasy (live band mixing)
  • Harry Denton’s Starlight Room, SF: House Audio Engineer

SAM MILLENDER is a Sound Engineer for both live and digital projects. Whether you need a sound editor for your podcast, voiceover, or live performance (streamed or online,) Sam is your guy.

In addition to doing post-production work for clients such as the Discovery Channel, throughout his career of over 30 years, Sam has worked with numerous renowned artists and projects. He mixed shows for SOVOSO, an a cappella group that was part of Bobby McFerrin’s “Voicestra,” both in North America and Europe. He also served as the sound engineer for San Francisco’s famous Third Baptist Church LiveStream broadcasts

Sam has an exceptional understanding of how harmonic frequency balance can elicit emotional responses from audiences. He firmly believes that in addition to great content, achieving the ideal tonal balance is crucial to captivating and engaging listeners.

Having been a professional drummer for many years, he understands the experience of recording and performing from the perspective of the artist as well as the technical expert.

Sam lives in Pasadena, CA and is available for live events in the Greater Los Angeles area. He has a full sound system that can be made available for your event, including speakers, mics and lighting.

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